Help Now, Please!

Sometimes, there’s no time to leisurely explore a website. I hope identifying a few key subjects helps in your search for information.

When you are considering hospice:

  • Dear Rusty, On Your Hospice Questions – One of my Facebook friends requested suggestions for what to ask when considering hospice. Rusty’s uncle was at time in his life when decisions needed to be quickly made. This was my response to him.
  • I’m Fine – What lie do we ALL tell the most? How often do you say, “I’m fine” . . . when you are not? If something feels “off” about your health, get it checked out.
  • Home, Please – Where would you prefer to die? Do the most important people in your life know your answer to that question?
  • How Can I Tell My Kid I’m Dying? – Here are some suggestions for this difficult, but essential, question.

If you or your loved one is already in hospice care:

  • When A Hospice Patient Stops Eating – You still want to feed your loved one, but they can’t eat or don’t seem interested in eating. As death nears, this is a troubling situation for many caregivers.
  • 35% – Nationally, about a third of all patients die in the first week of hospice care. Are you prepared for a death that comes quickly?
  • DNR – The decision to “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) can be a tough one. There are forms to complete, but even more there are conversations to have so everyone understands why a loved one no longer wants “extraordinary” means to keep them alive.
  • On Morpheus – Morphine – Many avoid drugs under the best of circumstances. Morphine, a serious medication used to ease pain for some hospice patients, can be scary. Other drugs that help alleviate pain, like methadone, are also intimidating decisions.
  • Sudden Death – While hospice may provide care to patients for weeks, months, and occasionally a year or more . . . some experience an abrupt death. Maybe it happens in hospice and a patient dies within hours. Or maybe it’s a car accident. How will you deal with the sudden death of a loved one?

When a loved one has died and you’re grieving or . . .

When a friend or family member is grieving, how can you help:

  • Healing is Possible – After the death, we wonder if we will ever be normal again. How does grief work? Is there a timetable? We all just want to feel better, but when?
  • 5 Stages of Laughter – We may think we’ll never laugh again, never have fun again, after our beloved has died. And when we do laugh at a joke, or have realized we’re enjoying a moment with friends . . . we feel guilty.
  • 9 Things Not to Say to Grieving People – It may not be a complete list, but these are good starting points for what not to say.
  • 8 Helpful Things to Say to Grieving People – Hopefully, one or more of these suggestions provides useful ideas.

If there’s a question you have, please let me know at larry (at) larrypatten (dot) com.