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Speak Up!

It's always nice and easy to share with "Friends" and others. Or is it . . .?

It’s always nice and easy to share with “Friends” and others. Or is it . . .?

Instead of visiting homes to provide care, one of our hospice nurses is assigned to patients in skilled nursing facilities (SNF). SNFs are also known as convalescent hospitals, nursing homes or the-place-no-one-wants-to-be. Sometimes Keon—let’s give that name to our friendly nurse—will also tend to a patient at an ALF, or Assisted Living Facility.

Mostly, though, it’s a SNF. The patients aren’t doing well. Even before they neared death, they likely had other injuries or illnesses that required serious, ongoing medical attention. While no longer able to stay in a hospital, they were far too serious to consider going home.

But kindly Keon, either by mistake and design, was assigned several patients at home.

Just before the start of a team meeting, Keon joked with other staff and said, “Today I had a patient talk back to me and hardly knew what to do.”

Whoa! A patient spoke! The majority of Keon’s SNF patients were too ill to speak. But in a home, with family and friends helping, the patient will happily give feedback. Or angrily give feedback. The patient (and you and I) can choose from a long list of feelings for answering questions or sharing opinions:  beyond happy and angry, there’s sad, scared, confused, offended, irked, aroused, two-faced, pleasant and . . . oh, how endless is the list. Endless and complex. Read More →

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