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On Grieving and Dating

It's only going out for a little conversation and ice cream . . .

It’s only going out for a little conversation and ice cream . . .

Our Grief Support Group Guideline #15 warns, Members shouldn’t date other members while participating in the support group.


That’s not the precise language, but it’s close. As a grief support group leader at a hospice, I spend the first session on mundane tasks like: making sure confidentiality forms are understood and signed; having members respond in writing about their expectations; and—like the dullest of college professors—reading aloud every single do and don’t in the group guidelines.

  • We do want them to silence all electronic devices.
  • We don’t want anyone to dominate the conversations.
  • We do desire confidentiality.
  • We don’t want anyone taking recreational drugs.
  • We do want group members to let us know if they’ll miss a session.
  • We don’t want them to do any dating.

There are more guidelines than these, but you get the idea. Read More →

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