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When A Hospice Patient Stops Eating

What mattered more at Thanksgiving . . . the food or the people?

What mattered more at Thanksgiving . . . the food or the people?

Ever said a variation of these . . .

  • Want to get some coffee?
  • What are you bringing for Thanksgiving?
  • How about lunch next week?
  • Let’s get together for dinner and talk about it.
  • How about kicking back and ordering pizza tonight?
  • Did you hear about that new restaurant?

We are a food-oriented people. And rightly so!

Whether it’s last week’s fancy restaurant meal or thin gruel fed to Charles Dickens’ fictional orphans, food nourishes us. We have favorite food . . . my friend Juanita’s sock-it-to-me-cake is to die for. We have comfort food . . . please give me a good movie, a comfy couch, and then bring on the chips and salsa with cheddar cheese melted on top. We have memories of meals at great restaurants. We have stories about cheap meals on a date with the person who became our beloved. We munch on popcorn or peanuts and can’t stop grabbing one more handful. We love-love-love the food Mom made—potato salad or pineapple upside down cake or tuna fish sandwiches—that no one else in the world can duplicate. We swap family recipes, sneak junk food, try all the samples at Costco, and every once in a while we eat breakfast for dinner because . . . well, just because! Read More →

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