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Hospice Isn’t the Opposite of Hope


A daughter called about her mother . . .

My obvious hope on this website is to inform people about hospice.

I speak personally. A hospice cared for Dad. My mother, though never a hospice patient, received feedback from a hospice nurse that proved crucial to my family’s decisions. (We also “rejected” another potential hospice because their admitting nurse was—being polite—not very professional.)

I speak professionally from my past. On numerous occasions, visiting patients as their chaplain, I witnessed the importance of quiet time with loved ones in the final days. As hard as it was to admit, one more round of chemotherapy or another frantic trip to the emergency room would only put off the inevitable for a brief, painful time. Wasn’t it better to remain home?

I speak professionally from my present position in bereavement support. On numerous occasions, the ones grieving have shared with me how life changing the final days became with a parent or spouse or child or mentor or best friend. They learned about themselves (and liked what they learned about their strength and patience) as they focused on being a caregiver.

I speak realistically about hospice and our mortality. Modern medication, fervent prayers, high-tech treatments, the skilled hands of a surgeon, or the healing properties of an exotic herb may lead to remission or even complete cures . . .

But do you think your ill parent or spouse is somehow immortal?

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