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Alert and Oriented (Again and Again)

Hospice ADLs:  My Adventures of Daily Learning.92

Who-are-you800x420_thumbIs the patient alert and oriented?

That was the first official “hospice type” question I learned when I was a hospice chaplain.

Are they alert and oriented times 1, times 2, times 3, or times 4?

Ah, it gets more complicated! Here, as I understand it, are the key questions for determining if a patient is alert and oriented:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where are you?
  3. What time is it?
  4. What just happened?

These are very basic, and very essential questions, to help discern the current mental status of a patient. Ideally, we all “know” these four answers. I am Larry. I am in Fresno, California. It is about 5:30 in the morning (or it’s an early Thursday morning if you’d prefer me to be general). And, finally, not all that much is happening in my (see #1) home (see #2) at this pre-dawn hour (see #3), other than I just heard our kitty Liam (#4) thunder down the hallway, likely headed toward the back of the house to bother my wife. Read More →

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