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Me? Stubborn?

70-90% of the population is right-handed. I’m one of them. When recovering from carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist in 2013, I was confronted with complicated obstacles like . . .

  • Negotiating all aspects of being on or near a toilet (I’m keeping descriptions G-rated).
  • Zipping any zipper.
  • Tucking in my shirt.
  • Brushing my teeth.
  • Washing my left hand.
  • Putting on my dog’s collar.
  • Taking a shower.

StubbornMany other commonplace movements became a chore, an hourly and daily obstacle course of once “thoughtless” activities. Fortunately, I have a wife willing to lend a hand. Unfortunately, I’m a stubborn guy. She offered to help with my shirt-tucking endeavors. No thank you. Can I help you zip that zipper? I’ve got it! I relented on the shower. There’s only so much time in the day and who wants to spend significant clock time air-drying rather than using a towel?

My ordeal lasted barely a week. After the surgeon removed the bandages and stitches, I began to reclaim (and rejoice in) my ability to accomplish simple stuff. I quickly returned to being privately stubborn, a two-handed guy who could take care of himself, thank you very much. Read More →

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