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In Hospice, Let the Lie Die

Image from “The Killing.” Actors Liam James and Mireille Enos.

Why do we lie?

Or is it fair to label the hopeful words exchanged between parents and children, between spouses, between friends, as deceitful?

Not long ago, I watched the final episodes of “The Killing,” a gloomy Seattle-based cop show. In a tense scene between Sarah Linden—a single mother and detective—and Jack, her oft-neglected teen son, she reassured him, “Nothing will ever happen to me.”


Sure, it’s only television, and grim or not, it’s over in a cleverly scripted forty plus minutes. Given that the dour Linden was a main character, she may survive every calamity concocted by the writers. Nonetheless, what a TV mom said to her son has been repeated with similar words in endless shows, plays, and movies: nothing will ever happen to me. Read More →

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