Book: Companion for Hospice

Cover of Companion

A Companion for the Hospice Journey is available at Amazon, as a paperback ($10.99) and e-book ($5.99).

Honorable Mention in the 2019 Writer’s Digest Award for Self-Published Nonfiction/Reference Books!!

Remarks about Companion from the judge’s comments:

“[Patten] deftly handles a subject that no one really wants to deal with—a point he notes in the very first words of part one. He writes about a serious subject with compassion, knowledge, and the friendly voice of a trusted counselor or mentor. If you need to read this book because of tragic circumstances, you won’t feel like you’re reading a cold or heartless manual—it is a book that will ease the confusion, pain, and fear while answering questions that you might not even think to ask.”

Companion offers easy-to-understand information about hospice care.

  • If someone needs to know “right now” about what hospice offers, this the book for you.
  • If a hospice professional wants a resource to recommend to patients and family members, this is the book for you.

If you or your organization might want multiple copies of Companion, please contact me (send to: larry at larrypatten dot com). We can discuss the number you need, costs, and how to pay.

I am open to speaking engagements. Again, please contact me if you have any interest. If I had “wishes” for any presentation I do, it would be to:

  • Chat with those who should know more about hospice (which can include some health care professionals!)
  • Engage with people that are fearful, ignorant, or doubtful about what hospice care means

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This was a recent interview (June 2019) on my book on a Fresno, California TV station:

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This book is direct and comprehensive, yet oh so gentle. Since everyone dies, whether we want to admit it or not, Companion for the Hospice Journey is a must read for all. It will be very helpful if you are facing end of life choices. It will be equally helpful if you are healthy and well.

+ Hospice RN Barbara Karnes . . . author of the essential hospice resource “Gone From My Sight”

I hope you’ll read this book before you need hospice help. I highly recommend it to anyone facing life-threatening illness or grief. I wish I’d had this book before or during my husband’s illness. It would have spared us much suffering, but I’m grateful to have it now.

+ Elaine Mansfield . . . author of Leaning into Love: A Spiritual Journey through Grief, TEDx speaker, hospice bereavement volunteer, bereavement group leader