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Did You Hear the One about the Guy in the Bar?

Photo ©2009/Jerry Redfern

Hey, have you heard this one?

A weary guy enters a bar and sits on a stool at the counter. After a glance around the joint, he realizes he’s the only customer. No big deal. It’s been a long day and he’s thirsty.

The barkeep arrives to take his order.

The guy says, “Beer, please.” Soon, he’s enjoying a tall, cool brew.

The barkeep shoves a bowl of peanuts near the customer and then mutters about doing a few things in the back. He leaves. The customer grabs some peanuts.

After downing a little beer, the guy hears a whispered, “You are a good-looking fella.”

Confused, he checks right and left: the bar’s still empty. Another sip. More peanuts.

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Grief’s 5 Stages of Laughter

laughter medicineLaughter. Giggles. Guffaws. Chuckling.

That’s what I heard.

And that’s all I heard, since the thick walls at the hospice where I work muffled the sounds. But I knew my colleague next door was counseling a grieving client. Busy with exciting paperwork or answering emails, I was blissfully unaware of them until . . .

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