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To Hospice Caregivers: You Don’t Have to be Perfect

People say it all the time . . . That’s perfect!

  • How’d the apple pie she made taste? It was perfect!
  • Did you have a good time on the date? Everything went perfectly!
  • Did you like that new restaurant? What a perfect place!

Not long ago, during a hospice team meeting, we reviewed a family’s struggle to care for a dying loved one. While hospice isn’t present 24/7 in the home, we are always on-call to answer questions from the patient’s caregivers . . . their sons, daughters, spouses, parents and friends. Most concerns can be answered on the phone, others may need a visit from hospice staff. This particular family kept calling, early and often. They wanted to be sure medications were properly given. They were troubled when their loved seemed too drowsy or didn’t eat as much as expected. Several family members debated about giving too much or too little of a particular medication.

None of their worries, and none of their debates, created serious problems for the hospice patient; she likely never knew how many calls were made to clarify decisions. Read More →

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