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The Hospice Doctor Didn’t Mean Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese
Food is not a humorous subject with hospice patients and their families . . .

When the hospice medical director reminded the patient’s nurse to get a mac, my stomach grumbled.

The nurse nodded. There seemed to be an immediate, unspoken agreement.

A mac? What did the doctor mean? They couldn’t mean a Macintosh computer from Apple, could they? That didn’t make sense. But thoughts of digital apples made me think about real food: had they meant Mac & Cheese? While I’m not a fan of the packaged pasta and cheese, it is one of my wife’s favorite comfort foods.

My food wondering continued. What about a Big Mac? Could the doctor have been recommending a fast food burger? (When younger, I loved McDonald’s flagship burger. The Big Mac debuted, with fanfare and a high calorie count, around the time I started college. If I could scrounge a few extra quarters, I’d always go for the extra all-beef patty and special sauce!)

But we hospice professionals couldn’t have been talking meal deals . . . right?

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The Third R: Hospice Recertification*

graduation-300x205I heard about a guy that ordered a T-shirt in anticipation of his hospice nurse’s final home visit. Even in the digital age, it took a bit of planning to get the shirt created and delivered.

Though I’m making up parts of the story I don’t recall, I’m probably not far wrong . . .

So, when the nurse entered the room where his rented hospital bed was located, the patient pulled back the sheets to reveal his new fashion statement. On the shirt, in bold letters, it read: Read More →Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather