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The First R: Hospice Revocations*

mainpicI have a slightly embarrassing little habit during revocations*.

In the hospice team meetings patient categories are reviewed, usually in the same order each week. We discuss those who have just died, new admissions, anyone recently transferred from their residence to our inpatient hospice facility (and back again), the focus patients, the . . .

Huh? What’s focus patient?

Hey, we try to focus on every patient! But sometimes one of the staff—a nurse or chaplain—has an unexpected issue with a patient or caregiver that may be helped by feedback from the whole team. For example, a patient may wish to take a weekend trip with their family and will be temporarily out of our service area. We might have a quick “focused” discussion about how to make sure their mini-vacation is possible. That can include contacting another hospice along their route to give assistance if there’s a problem. Other “focus” discussions may involve family conflicts or exploring different medications because of unexpected allergies. There are many one-time-only concerns or situations that become a “focus.”

I remain hyper-attentive in the discussions, from the recent deaths to the occasional focus patient. But, gulp, I drift off a smidgen when the team covers “revocations.” I might glance at email (bad Larry), or ponder the day’s to-do list (bad Larry).

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