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A Fancy Hospice Word for Fainting

Private Ryan

From “Saving Private Ryan” – the mother learns the worst news about her sons

Maybe you’ve seen it in films.

A fella learns he has become a father. And it’s always better if it’s a brawny guy, as tough as railroad spikes, when this good news levels him. He faints!

A smart-ass rookie, joining the police in defiance of her family’s wishes, stands by the coroner when the murder victim’s body is sliced open. It’s the cop’s first autopsy. She faints!

Or there’s the damsel in distress, the parent at the doorstep hearing horrible news during World War II about a son, the desperate attorney who hasn’t eaten for days while preparing for the “big case.” At a critical moment, with a soundtrack swelling and the light angling to highlight an anguished face, our hero—or the object of our hero’s affection—keels over.

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